Whistleblower Litigation

The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. and Callidus Capital Corporation v. West Face Capital Inc., Gregory Boland, M5V Advisors Inc. c.o.b. Anson Group Canada, Admiralty Advisors LLC, Frigate Ventures LP, Anson Investments LP, Anson Capital LP, Anson Investments Master Fund LP, AIMF GP, Anson Catalyst Master Fund LP, ACF GP, Moez Kassam, Adam Spears, Sunny Puri, Clarityspring Inc., Nathan Anderson, Bruce Langstaff, Rob Copeland, Kevin Baumann, Jeffrey McFarlane, Darryl Levitt, Richard Molyneux, and John Does #1-10





Preservation Order

Pleadings / Procedure Motions – Main Claim

Pleadings / Procedure Motions – Counterclaim

Production/Discovery Motions

Israeli Matters

Litigation Privilege Motion

Anti-SLAPP Motions

Directions of Justice Hainey – 27 August 2018 Download PDF
Emmanuel Rosen – Noted in Default – 12 September 2018 Download PDF
Invop – Noted in Default – 15 October 2018 Download PDF
Case Management Endorsement of Hainey J – 7 March 2019 Download PDF

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