Litigating with Catalyst Capital

West Face Capital is a defendant in several lawsuits commenced by The Catalyst Capital Group Inc. and/or Callidus Capital Corporation.  Both Catalyst Capital and Callidus Capital are managed by Mr. Newton Glassman, along with Gabriel De Alba (for Catalyst) and James Riley.

Due to the large volume of documents, and in response to numerous inquiries from current and prospective investors, service providers and industry participants that it interacts with, West Face has assembled the public court documents in the archive hosted on this website.  We intend to add new court documents as they become available.

The first Catalyst lawsuit – identified on this website as the “Moyse Litigation” – went to trial in June 2016 before Mr. Justice Newbould.  The trial judge dismissed the Catalyst claims in their entirety in a decision rendered in August 2016.  In his decision, Justice Newbould also made credibility findings against the Catalyst witnesses, including Mr. Glassman.  Catalyst is now appealing that decision.

West Face believes that the Catalyst and Callidus claims in each of these proceedings are without merit and is vigorously defending each of these proceedings.



Case 1


Case 2




Catalyst Responding Factum – 8 August 2017 Download PDF
Compendium of Catalyst – 8 August 2017 Download PDF
Supplementary Responding Motion Record of Catalyst – 8 August 2017 Download PDF
Catalyst Responding Motion Record – 19 May 2017 Download PDF
Motion to Strike / Dismiss – 21 July 2017 View
Factum of the Defendant-Respondent, West Face Capital Inc. 30 June 2017 Download PDF
Endorsement of Justice Newbould – 26 May 2017 Download PDF
Order – 26 May 2017 Download PDF